Feng Shui Consultant : Nicki Gill

Feng Shui is the art and practice of living in harmony with
your environment to produce tangible results naturally

Are You Looking For A Feng Shui Consultant

To Help Harmonise Your Home Or Business?

Hi!  I’m Nicki, and this is my story … so far.

My love of helping people and my passion of Feng Shui has enabled me to assist in balancing and harmonising people’s lives through analysing the energy within the surroundings in which they live and offering solutions to help maximise prosperity, abundance and wellbeing.

Yet it wasn’t always about the flow of energy.

I started in the workforce as an Executive Assistant and I had the pleasure of supporting many high profile CEO’s in a varying range of industries for a period spanning over 20 years.  To this day, I am truly grateful for the experience and the skills that I have acquired as a result.

An opportunity to enter the world of small business ownership with my Husband severed the tie with the corporate world and somehow seemed to present me with the freedom and courage to try new things and to start dreaming and aligning with my true desires.

Some may say it was through adversity that the path led me into the energy world and my career as a Feng Shui consultant, but whatever it was I am truly grateful.

Feng Shui has been a positive influence on my life and has provided me with an appreciation of how important it is to have balance and harmony in our surroundings to support us in all facets of our life.

 As you have probably identified, I am not one to be looking in the rear vision mirror.

The future always remains bright and no matter where your life may be at this very moment, with the flow of positive energy supporting you and your goals, the life you desire awaits.

If you are looking to balance and harmonise your life based on the traditional methods of Feng Shui, you’ve come to the right place!

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Some Typical Problems Where Feng Shui Can Help

Common Feng Shui Problems

  • Your house just doesn’t feel like a ‘home
  • You can’t work out why, but your home just ‘doesn’t feel right’
  • It feels as if you are being held back by your surroundings
  • You are confused after reading Feng Shui books
  • Things don’t seem to be working out even after you have tried using Feng Shui techniques

Serious Feng Shui Problems

  • Your children seem to be struggling with behaviour and learning issues
  • Since moving into your current home, life has taken a turn for the worse
  • You are having difficulties in the areas of finances, health, relationships, sleep, staying focussed, energy levels and clutter
  • Serious health issues and or a slow recovery is being experienced by either yourself or somebody close to you
  • Your business is struggling to attract new clients and customers, making a profit, experiencing theft or high absenteeism with staff
  • You feel that there is a presence of a spirit or entity, or that there is evidence of Geopathic Stress

“My life had stagnated quite considerably over those 5 years due to personal tragedy and health problems, which had me giving up all that I loved, which was my practice as a health practitioner, holistic healer, artist and craft buff, but after the Feng Shui space clearing, I found myself being more exciting about waking each day to see where I could improve my existence”

Kerry King
Sarina, Queensland

“It was such a personal experience. Nicki is a truly caring and understanding individual and was so focused on a positive outcome for my Husband and I”

Wendy Haggie
Urangan, Queensland

“Our home now feels like our home, and we have picked up our newly-wed status again!”

Mrs Ryan
Pialba, Queensland

“I highly recommend Nicki as not only a skilled Feng Shui practitioner, but as a highly intuitive, beautiful soul who is able to create magic by helping you to restore your home’s energy flow! I have been truly impressed, surprised and quite pleased by my results so far!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nicki!”  

Janet Hickox
Intuitive Astrologer & Human Design Coach
Bow, Washington State, USA