About Nicki

My professional career started as a Personal or Executive Assistant supporting high profile Chief Executive’s in a variety of diverse, successful and fast-paced business environments over an approximate 20 year period.

A desire to break away from the corporate world and the cold winters of the Adelaide Hills, my Husband Geoff and I embraced the opportunity to travel to Queensland and take on our own small business, which was within an industry that neither of us had any knowledge or experience.

Whilst a very steep learning curve, our dedication and commitment resulted in many awards in sales achievement and a high retention of customers due to our focus on exemplary customer service and communication.  After almost a decade in the business, we successfully sold to a large franchise network.

Whilst the foregoing could offer a picture of a life of ease and success, there have certainly been life experiences and many challenges faced in the areas of relationships, health and prosperity that provides me with a good understanding of what may be confronted in one’s life.

So, why Feng Shui?  There are two main reasons.  The first is that I had always had a curiosity with this mysterious and ancient tradition, and the other was instinct knowing there was more than just coincidence that things started to go a little pear shaped after moving into our current home.

I will confess, over the years I have purchased several books and bookmarked countless websites in an attempt to decipher the principles of Feng Shui and apply them to my own surroundings, only to become more and more confused and baffled as to how it all comes together.

I engaged the services of a Feng Shui consultant to conduct an audit of our home however after the consultation I instinctively knew that Feng Shui was more than just spending a couple of hours moving furniture around.  My instincts were correct, and as a result, I embarked on studying the most comprehensive and the only accredited Feng Shui course available in Australia.

Some of the Feng Shui schools that are practiced today are as a result of the protection of the sacred teachings handed down by Masters and Grand Masters, and the mistaken belief that western cultures would not understand and appreciate the intricacies of applying the principles of Feng Shui.  These schools do not take into consideration compass directions or the influence of time on a building.

The Feng Shui consultations that I conduct are based on traditional methodologies.  Not only have I learned Advanced Feng Shui principles using Form, Compass and Flying Star schools, the latter acknowledging that nothing is ever static and there are invisible forces in the Universe that are forever changing, but I am also trained in conducting Space Clearing ceremonies and testing and remedying Geopathic Stress.

Importantly, I have also learnt about Modern Feng Shui which relates to electromagnetic fields, chemicals, allergens, water filtration, and other hazards that can potentially affect our health and are found in the environment in which we live and work.

In addition, I have embarked on the study of Chinese Astrology, which looks at health, relationships and prosperity of an individual, which can only complement a Feng Shui consultation of your home.

Every home and business has prosperous and challenging energy and I am fully committed to helping you analysing the energy within your surroundings and recommending solutions to help maximise your prosperity, abundance and wellbeing in all areas of your life.