Feng Shui for Business, Offices and Retail Outlets

Competition in business is tough enough, is your business performing at full throttle?

We are all aware that many factors can affect business and the best place to start is where you and your employees operate from, whether it be a retail shop front or an office environment.

Many large corporations have turned to Feng Shui to transform their mundane working environments into healthy, efficient, happy workplaces where energy levels and efficiency have boosted staff morale and importantly, profits.

If your small, medium or large business is lagging despite large marketing and promotion expenses, then the problem with no or slow growth may well be the interaction between humans and their environments.  The business surroundings can affect your material comfort, mental and physical health, relationships (between staff), customer interaction and your overall success.

Exceptional staff members enjoy working in environments that support them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  High turnover and disgruntled staff will be the results of poor working environments.

An Expert Feng Shui Consultant Can Assist Businesses Adapt to Rapidly Changing Demands by Both Employees and Customers

  • Are you about to make a fresh start in your business and desire to create a space that supports your projected future?
  • Are you moving soon into a new business and need to feel sure it has positive energy for you?
  • Are you about to renovate or redecorate and will need to re-energise your premises?
  • Do you want to recreate your premises so it resonates strongly with your brand?
  • Is there something in your place of business that just doesn’t feel right and you want to re-direct that energy?
  • Are you desiring a more inspiring environment?
  • Is your business cluttered, chaotic, inefficient and you want some help and clarity?
  • For reasons unknown you are low on energy and need support?
  • You have been in the business for so long you can’t see the forest for the trees and envisage the business in a new light i.e. presentation, more inspiring environment?

The following questions are structured to reveal your current relationship with your work space

  1. Do you feel comfortable in your workplace?
  2. Do you have a good feeling when at your workplace?
  3. When returning from holidays or vacation, are you eager to return to your workplace?
  4. Does your workplace provide you with the ability to be productive?
  5. Are you encouraged in your workplace?
  6. Do you suffer with disturbed sleep as a result of thoughts about work?
  7. Do you work within a cluttered workplace?
  8. If you work within a cluttered workplace, are you happy with this environment?
  9. Has the owner or boss ever had a Feng Shui consultation?
  10. If a Feng Shui consultation has been conducted of the premises, does the owner/boss have an annual Feng Shui review?
  11. Are you aware of any employees working within the vicinity of harmful EMFs?
  12. Are you aware of any issues that may be caused through Geopathic stress?
  13. Is this the best work environment that you have ever worked?
  14. When you were hired and saw your workspace, did it inspire you?
  15. Since working in these premises I have easily earned and saved money?
  16. Is the kitchen kept clean and tidy and free of dirty dishes?
  17. Do other employees enjoy working here?
  18. Do you feel safe working here?
  19. Can you communicate and concentrate easily in your workplace?
  20. Is your workplace full of life that encourages creative thinking?
  21. Have you worked here for many years?
  22. Is the history of previous businesses and owners who have occupied this space positive or negative?
  23. Are you aware of any major issues experienced in this building such as burglary, fire, floods, sickness, litigation, etc?
  24. Are you able to sustain long periods of work without feeling fatigued?
  25. Since commencing work here has your life improved and more enjoyable?
  26. Do you believe that there are things that could be improved in your workplace?
  27. Are there lots of things that are worn out or broken in your workplace?
  28. Do clients/customers and delivery drivers have difficulty finding this business?

The following three questions are specifically related to the owner or boss:

  1. Do you feel that your environment supports you and that you do not need a Feng Shui consultation?
  2. Were Feng Shui principles adopted when designing this workplace?
  3. If Feng Shui principles were adopted when the workplace was designed, do you have annual Feng Shui updates?

Find out how Feng Shui can help your business prosper, or call Nicki for an appointment on 0438 641 515.