Essential Feng Shui for Buying and Selling Property

Is a difficult real estate transaction causing you stress and apprehension … ?

Feng Shui is very effective during the process of buying or selling property.  Have you been trying to sell your property and despite all efforts your property is just not selling?  A Feng Shui consultation can often reveal a number of issues that you and your agent have missed.

If you are attempting to purchase a home and are undecided and nervous about the final choice, an expert Feng Shui consultant will reveal any potential problems that may cause difficulties now and in the future.  Even if you fall in love with a home, you don’t want or need the remaining energies of previous occupants or other unseen issues.

There are 5 obvious reasons why a home may be slow to sell …

  • Price
  • Location
  • Market
  • Salesperson
  • Stubborn owners

… why not Feng Shui?  The home may ‘tick most boxes’ but the ‘FEEL’ of the home is not right or there is a nagging uncertainty by potential buyers – an expert in Feng Shui will uncover issues and know how to make them right.

A decades old fact is that purchasing a home is one of the most important investments you will make.  Price and capital gain are obviously important, but what about liveability because you are going to spend a great portion of your family life in that home.  It makes very good sense to engage the expertise of an expert Feng Shui consultant to ensure that you have made an excellent lifestyle choice covering all facets of life, including health, relationships, prosperity, etc.

Now you might be asking ‘what has a 4,000 year old Chinese system and tradition for assessing the quality of environmental energy have in common with buying and selling property in modern Australia’?

A number of real estate agents have embraced Feng Shui for property sales and many more would do well if they did the same.


Whilst the most common reasons why a property seems to get ‘stuck’ and difficult to sell are related to price, location, market and the effectiveness or commitment (or lack) of the real estate salesperson, there are some hidden reasons that you may not be aware of or considered.

Allow me the opportunity to enlighten you on the three essential factors that Feng Shui addresses with great effect, as follows:

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is caused as a result of distortion or disturbance to the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field.  This can be as a result of disturbances from natural causes such as shifts in the Earth through earthquakes or man-made influences like tunnelling, tree lopping and even the installation of a neighbour’s inground swimming pool.

When disturbances cause the Earth to distort from its natural frequency of 8.73Hz, a property affected can become unwelcoming, sometimes feeling cold and can emanate a strange ‘off-putting’ feeling.

Have you ever been in a home, and it just doesn’t feel quite right, yet you can’t quite work out what it is?

Geopathic Stress can also be the cause of some severe health consequences and may be a contributing factor to long term illness.  To learn more about studies on the health impacts of Geopathic Stress, please click here.

Properties with Geopathic Stress often have a history or a pattern.  This could be a series of bad luck for the occupants, poor health, perhaps divorce or bankruptcy and issues with flooding, fire and theft.

Properties that are slow to sell for no obvious reason are quite often affected by Geopathic Stress.

The good news?  Geopathic Stress is curable!

Energy From Previous Occupants

Believe it or not, we leave a trail of energetic imprint wherever we go, and this includes our homes and the buildings in which we work.  If you are living and sleeping within your own energetic imprint, this would probably not be an issue for many.

However, how do you feel knowing that the previous occupants of your home have left their energetic imprint in which you now live and sleep?

This residual presence affects more properties than you may think, and can sometimes result in the new owners of a home picking up where the previous owners left off.

Emotional Attachment

Our emotional attachment to possessions also includes homes, and sometimes the unwillingness of people to move or change can result in a home being ‘stuck’ on the market.

Are you ready to let go and move on to the next phase of your life?

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