Feng Shui for Homes, Units and Apartments

The pathway to restoring fresh energy in your life!

Your overall environment hugely affects how you think, feel and behave and if not positive, will affect your quality of life on a daily basis.  Many people do not pay attention to this unseen but constant and influential force in their lives.


“There is no comfort anywhere for anyone who dreads to go home”

Laura Ingalls Wilder
(Author of many children’s books e.g. Little House on the Prairie)


Your home should be your refuge, a place of joy and comfort, but if the flow of energy in your home is blocked, weak or restricted, it will likely show up in your and other’s personal traits.

Poor health, strained relationships, unhappy at work, difficulty relaxing and a less than happy outlook on life.

Now is the right time to commit to an expert Feng Shui consultation

Here are just 8 reasons why you should consider having your home analysed

  1. Maybe you are bored with your space and want to create a new environment to support your desired future
  2. You are moving into another home and you want to be confident it has positive energy for you
  3. It’s time for a major renovation and you want to be sure that the remodelling will re-energise your home
  4. You are purchasing another home but are torn between two prospects
  5. A major transition has come into your life e.g. unfortunate separation, serious health issue, career change
  6. Your home just doesn’t feel right and you can’t put a finger on it
  7. Your home is on the market and just won’t sell
  8. You are building new, but is the plan environmentally correct for your block location

How Does Your Home Rate?  Take the Feng Shui Questionnaire.

  • Does your home make you feel happy?
  • Do you feel nourished in your home?
  • Does your home make you feel welcome?
  • Do you feel like your home supports you?
  • Do the occupants of the home have healthy relationships with each other?
  • Do you sleep well and wake in the morning refreshed?
  • When you return home from a holiday or vacation are you happy to be home?
  • Do you have a healthy lifestyle?
  • Does your energy feel balanced?
  • Is your home free of clutter?
  • Do you receive an Annual Feng Shui update?
  • Do you think that there may be EMF issues in your home?
  • Do you think that your home may have Geopathic Stress?
  • Is this the best home that you have ever lived in?
  • Did you fall in love with your home at first sight?
  • Since moving into your home, have you had any issues with earning and saving money?
  • Do you have a good relationship with your neighbours?
  • Do you think your home is interesting?
  • Do people enjoy visiting?
  • Do you feel safe in your home?
  • Do you find it easy to concentrate and communicate in your home?
  • Is your home full of life?
  • Do you find that you are able to be creative in your home?
  • Does you home have a ‘heart’ and ‘soul’?
  • Have you lived in your home for a long time, i.e. over 10 years?
  • Have there been any major issues, such as burglary, floods, sickness, divorce, legal matters, etc?
  • Has your life flourished since moving into your home?
  • Are there things that you want to do to improve your home?
  • Do you have many items that are broken and worn out in your home?
  • Do visitors and delivery people find your home easily?

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