Long Distance Residential Consultations

With today’s technology, it is possible to provide long distance consultations for residential properties worldwide, through the use of Google Earth and other online tools.

Google Earth provides accurate compass readings as well as providing functionality enabling the surrounding landforms to be viewed.  In addition, the street view function provides the ability to view the premises and the street that it is located.

As a result, a full Feng Shui report can be provided that is specifically tailored to your home.

To be eligible for a long distance consultation, there are a few requirements that must be met to be able to proceed, as follows:

  • The property must be able to be viewed using the Google Earth tool.
  • Legible floor plans of the home or business must be provided via email and it is essential that these are to scale.
    Please note that hand drawn plans are acceptable however, they must be drawn to scale and clearly marked.
  • The approximate age of the building must be provided (i.e. when it was built).

The following is what is included in the consultation:

  • Identification of the most prosperous entry point of the home
  • Identification of the best areas to assist with various aspects of life, including study, career, health and fertility issues
  • Assessment of the Annual Visiting Energy
  • Optimum use of furniture placement particularly in the bedroom, lounge areas and the study
  • Placement of remedies to balance and harmonise energy
  • A comprehensive and detailed 40+ page report sent via email
    Please note that a hard copy mailed via Express Post is also available
  • Ongoing phone and email support to discuss recommendations
  • Please allow up to 5 business days turnaround for supply of comprehensive report

Your Investment

  • Studio Apartment – From $229
  • 1-2 bedroom – From $329
  • 3-4 bedroom – From $429
  • 5+ bedroom – From $529

High-set or two-storey homes or homes with extensions may attract an additional $50 fee.

Please note that a separate study is considered a bedroom.

Payment may be made via direct deposit, cash or cheque made payable to ‘Feng Shui with Nicki’.

Please note that payment is required prior to any work commencing for a remote Feng Shui consultation, and that reports are only provided upon receipt of full payment of consultation.  Cheques are required to ‘clear’ prior to the release of the Feng Shui report.

 All prices are inclusive of GST.

Contact Nicki at ‘Feng Shui with Nicki’ on 0438 641 515 for a consultation.

Additional Information

Please note that internal renovations are acceptable however any renovations that have resulted in new roof lines would need to be checked prior to your long distance consultation being accepted.

Once payment is received, a request for the required information will be issued, along with a short questionnaire. Upon return of the information and completed questionnaire, please allow 5 to 10 business days for the completion of your comprehensive report.

To ensure that you meet the criteria above, please visit Google Earth and download the current version.

Once Google Earth is downloaded, please open the program and enter your address in the search field.  If you are able to zoom in and view your home you are eligible to benefit from a long distance Feng Shui consultation.

If your home is unable to be viewed, unfortunately a long distance Feng Shui consultation cannot proceed.

Please note that should a compass reading be on the border of two ‘mountains’, this will result in a more complicated chart and therefore a long distance consultation will be unable to proceed.  Please note that this is a very rare scenario however if this does occur, a full refund of your purchase price will apply.

As a long distance client receiving a full Feng Shui consultation, you are eligible for the Annual Flying Star Feng Shui consultation, which is conducted on an annual basis to cater for the yearly changing energy.  For more information, please click here for details.