Space Clearing Consultation

There are many beneficial reasons why you should consider a Space Clearing however these are not limited to those suggestions listed below:

  • When you are moving into a new home or new premises for a business
  • Prior to the placement of remedies for Feng Shui purposes
  • When you are trying to sell your home or business
  • When the energy feels stuck or stagnant
  • When there is a feeling of a lack of energy or the occupants have poor communication
  • When you sense some paranormal activity
  • When the home just ‘doesn’t feel right’

Your Investment

Single Storey homes – $249

High-Set or Two-Storey homes – $299

Space Clearing for Business starts from $299

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Contact Nicki at ‘Feng Shui with Nicki’ on 0438 641 515 for a consultation.

Additional Information

Prior to the Space Clearing, you will be requested to complete a questionnaire that will ask what it is you would like to manifest into your life as well as those things you are seeking to banish.  There will be some additional information required in relation to the history of the home and also the health and wellbeing of the occupants.

As well as Preparing for the Space Clearing, some additional preparatory work will be required and a checklist along with some examples as a guide will be provided to assist in this area.

Once you have experienced a Space Clearing, you will be able to then conduct this yourself and Feng Shui with Nicki provides DIY Space Clearing kits based on each individual Space Clearing to be conducted.

Please note that six monthly Space Clearings are recommended at a minimum.