What is a Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is effectively eliminating stale energy and replacing it with energy that contains positive intentions.  By conducting a Space Clearing, you are bringing positive energy into your home or work environment that will support you and your goals.

Whilst there are many reasons to conduct a Space Clearing, one of the most important times is when moving into a different residence so as to remove the energy that has been left by the previous occupants.  This also relates to businesses.

By ensuring that the energy is clear, this also allows the recommendations provided as a result of a Feng Shui consultation to be energetically supported.

Another very important factor in terms of both Space Clearing and Feng Shui for that matter, is clutter.  It is important to create a clutter-free environment and to learn about the negative effects of clutter, please visit ‘Clearing the Clutter‘ by clicking here.

Space Clearing is not a ‘one-off’ scenario, it should be a regular routine and conducted at least every six months.  Once you have experienced a Space Clearing, this will provide you with the knowledge to be able to conduct future Space Clearings yourself.

To prepare for a Space Clearing, please visit ‘Preparing for the Space Clearing’.

Prior to visiting to conduct the Space Clearing, you will be requested to complete a questionnaire.  The questionnaire will ask you what you would like to manifest into your life as well as what you wish to banish.

Whilst you do not have to be present during the Space Clearing ceremony, it is preferable that at least one occupant is in attendance and involved in the clearing process.

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